13 Ways Child Stars Like to Prove They’re All Grown Up

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Tumblr (le-gifsforyou)

Tumblr (le-gifsforyou)

ICYMI, Abigail Breslin turned 18 yesterday! She may be a full-blown adult now, but the funny thing about starring in a movie as a child is that everyone’s idea of you freezes right there. No matter how many candles you’re blowing out on your cake, everyone still has to mentally adjust from you not looking the same as you did playing Olive, the adorable little girl from Little Miss Sunshine. Them’s just kind of the breaks, y’know?

There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to transform your audience’s vision of you from child star to adult actor, but that hasn’t stopped Abigail and some of her cohorts from trying. And since there isn’t one set way to do it, everyone’s come up with a lot of different methods that I’d like to share with you today. But use them wisely in your own life, okay? Because across the board, if you really want to launch yourself into adulthood… you’re gonna end up with some pretty jarring results.

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