Video: The House of Anubis Cast’s Food Fight

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Did you catch Nick’s new show, House of Anubis, about American girl Nina who ends up at an English boarding school filled with some very dark secrets?

Each episode combines a little mystery and a little comedy — not to mention our latest crush Brad Kavanagh (How could you not love him with that cute British accent?)!

We caught up with Brad and his cast mates Nathalia Ramos and Jade Ramsey, who dished behind-the-scenes secrets about food fights, flirting, and the sneaky detective work happening on set.

Watch the exclusive video now — and don’t forget to check out House of Anubis on Nick.

Next week, a new episode will be premiering every single night of the week at 7pm ET/PT.

BONUS VIDEO: Learn how to steal your way into Brad Kavanagh’s (Fabian) heart.

So, did you already check out the show? Will you watch the new eps? What do you think about Brad? Sound off below!