Hottie Of The Week: These People Are Not Rob, Kristen, or Taylor, But They’re Still Hot in Breaking Dawn

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OMG, you guys. Breaking Dawn comes out tomorrow! And as hot as the Robs and Kristens and Taylors of the world are, we think the other hotties in the latest installment of The Twilight Saga deserve a little lovin’, too.

Check out hot pics and deets below of all of BD‘s hot guys (and gals!) from the wolf pack, the vampire coven, and even some good ol’ humans who are definitely worth a glace.

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1. Alex Meraz plays Paul, a Quileute teenager who is part of Jacob’s wolf pack. Um, can we be a part of the pack, too? We’re dying to know what’s on his mind.

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2. BooBoo Stewart, aka Seth Clearwater, we don’t care where you got those abs. We’re just glad you have them.

3. Tinsel Korey gets to play play Emily, Sam’s fiance. Plus, she gets to hang out with the whole wolf pack, including Jacob. That makes her really hot.

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4. Bronson Pelletier is another wolf pack member and we’re pretty we don’t need to tell you why he’s hot. This pic speaks for itself.


5. Kiowa Gordon AKA Embry AKA one of Jacob’s wingmen is also part of the wolf pack. What do we have to do to get in this club?


6. Maggie Grace plays Irina Denali, part of the vegetarian vampire coven who we first see in the wedding scene of Breaking Dawn: Part 1. We still think she’s gorg even with those creepy vampire contacts.

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7. Remember when Edward got into a fight with one of the Volturi guards in New Moon? It was this guy, Daniel Cudmore. You’re not mad at him anymore now that you see how hot he is, right?!


8. Charlie Bewley plays Demetri, another Volturi guard. You never knew this hottie was hidden beneath those blood red eyes and creepy smile, didja?


9. You probably know Anna Kendrick as one of Bella’s closest human friends, Jessica. She’s also gorgeous IRL, and, sidenote, hilar in Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

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10. Michael Welch plays Mike Newton, one of Bella’s friends. He had a major crush on Bella, but, ya know, she prefers them immortal. But hey, Mikey, we’re single…

Who is your favorite Breaking Dawn hottie? Are you excited to finally see the movie? Let us know in the comments!