16 Hotties Who Made You Sweat Like Crazy Throughout 2016

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Even though 2016 was the absolute worst in most senses — look at the world of politics as one of the key examples as to why that statement is true — we can’t help but think of all the good that came out of it… like all the guys that rose to new levels of sexy. (We’re lookin’ at you, grown-up Shawn Mendes.)

Only choosing 16 hotties for our “Best of” compilation may have been one of the most difficult tasks we had to do this year. And while 2016 wasn’t anyone’s favorite year, it is important to focus on the positives… like this list of ridiculously attractive people. So treat yo’ self to this roll call of the hottest dudes (in no particular order) to grace our playlists, TVs and big screens: