6 of the Hottest LGBTQ Sex Scenes on Teen Television Series

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Have you ever heard of Dawson’s Creek? It was a fantastic teen drama about a small town — we’re sure your older sister has attempted to convince you to binge-watch it with her. Well, in addition to being known for putting Katie Holmes on the map — pre-Tom Cruise — it’s also known for being the very first network television show to air a gay male kiss on air. That was back in 2000. But that amazing kiss between Jack and Ethan has paved the way for so many of our favorite TV couples to not only kiss, but get down and dirty on screen.

In honor of Pride Month, we’re taking a look at our favorite LGBTQ characters and their hottest, steamiest, sexiest scenes! We’re not talking about hand-holding or light kisses on the cheek. We’re talking about the full shebang! (Pun intended.) Read on to discover the hottest scene from each of our favorite teen TV shows. #Loveislove, y’all.

1. Pretty Little Liars, 4×19, “Shadow Play” — Paige and Emily

This episode of PLL is great for so many reasons. After Spencer takes a pill and falls asleep watching an old movie, she wakes up to a black and white world set in the ’40s. The vintage fashion featured is everything we’ve ever wanted, not to mention the chic hairstyles! In addition to the new lack of color, Ezra tells Aria that Alison is alive, and Aria’s friends finally find out about her secret relationship with Fitz. But the juiciest moment, by far, is when Emily and Paige take their relationship to the next level.

After Paige dishes on all the dirty secrets surrounding Shana, the two part ways. But not before Paige tells Emily that she has to leave the room first because she can never watch Emily walk away from her. Swoon! The two reunite later in Emily’s bedroom, making Paily fans everywhere squeal with joy.

2. Teen Wolf, 3×6, “Motel California” — Danny and Ethan

School trips are an excellent opportunity to learn — learn all sorts of things. Getting to choose their roommates, Danny and Ethan decide to take their ‘education’ back to their shared room. It doesn’t take long for their clothes to hit the floor, and for them to hit the bed. The two share a few innocent kisses and nuzzles before things heat up! But just when things are getting hot and heavy, Ethan experiences a weird twin teen wolf moment and a hand and face begin to appear from underneath his skin. He runs out of the room leaving Danny (and us!) heartbroken. If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

3. Glee, 3×5, “The First Time” — Kurt & Blaine

We’ve heard of peer pressure to have sex, but theater pressure? Only on an episode of Glee. In his directorial debut, Artie is putting on West Side Story for the school musical. He casts Blaine and Rachel as the leads, but then questions his decision after a lackluster rehearsal. He declares that what is lacking — or rather, not lacking — is Rachel and Blaine’s respective virginity. Thus erupt poignant and hilarious discussions amongst the group about their ‘first times.’ After a visit to a gay bar, a failed backseat hookup, a hot new Warbler, and a few hurt feelings, Blaine begins to question everything. But, Rachel wisely surmises that she and Blaine will be a great Tony and Maria because, even though they haven’t had sex, they have each found true love. Apparently, this realization is all it took for everyone’s inhibitions and insecurities to drop. Kurt and Blaine are just one of the couples to get it on at the end of the episode.



4. Faking It, 2×8, “Zen and the Art of Pageantry” — Reagan & Amy

This episode oozed with messages about gender stereotypes. To no one’s surprise, Lauren enters a beauty pageant. However, in an effort to prove that she, too, can be a “girly girl,” Amy enters as well, surprising literally everyone — especially her girlfriend, Reagan. Amy’s mom is thrilled that she’ll finally have a chance to bond with her daughter and understand her newfound sexuality. Reagan, on the other hand, wants Amy to sabotage the show and use it as an opportunity to ‘stick it to the man.’ By the end of the episode, Amy’s mother realizes that her daughter can be both a lesbian and a pageant girl, but that only one of those things is who she truly is. Reagan, who had doubted Amy’s sexuality, learns that there is more than one way to be a lesbian. Luckily, the two make up in a big way. Let’s just say that Reagan won’t be questioning Amy’s sexuality anymore.

5. The 100, 3×1, “Wanheada: Part One” — Clarke & Niylah

Never say that the Florence Nightingale effect can’t happen in a dystopian society. During the first episode of the action-packed, two-part Season 3 premiere, time jumped three months forward. Clarke has been off doing God only knows what since the fiasco that was Mount Weather. What we do know is that, according to Grounders, once you kill someone, you take on their power. That being said, it makes total sense how Clarke (a.k.a. Wanheada a.k.a. ‘Commander of Death’) would be able to take on a panther. Although she survived, she didn’t come back unscathed. Cue the entrance of Niylah. The two meet at a trading post, and Niylah gives Clarke food, something to drink, supplies and even cleans up her recent wounds. How can Clarke ever repay her? We know how…

The CW

The CW

6. Skins, 3×06, “Naomi” — Emily and Naomi

Figuring out who you are is a messy business. Torn between her feelings for Emily and Cook, Naomi wreaks havoc on everybody’s heart. After a few steamy kisses, Naomi is confused about her growing feelings towards Emily and tries to avoid her. After numerous people suggest that she run for Student President, she wraps herself up in the election. Emily shows up in her room and the two agree that they don’t want to pursue a sexual relationship… only for Emily to (platonically) spend the night with Naomi.

In their newfound friendship, the two go biking to the lake and start a campfire. And we all know that nothing sets a mood like a fire. Before you know it, the two are in the throes of passion. But this is still not enough to convince Naomi how she feels about Emily. So, the next morning she abandons her in the woods and almost has sex with Cook. Fortunately, she realizes that her feelings for Emily are true in the nick of time and the two reunite happily.

You know what’s more awkward than shooting a sex scene? Shooting a sex scene with your ex!