17 Fall TV Stars Who Are Going to Make It Big This Year

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Every true television fan likes to be ahead of the curve. When the fall pilots are first announced, within an hour you already have predictions on which shows will make it and which ones will get the axe. You take bets on which shows will get canceled after two, five or ten episodes. Pilot season is your football season and you need to know your stuff. You know which of your favorite stars are jumping from movie screen to TV screen and you absolutely need to know the newcomers that everyone will eventually be talking about come September.

Last year, we made a few 2013 Fall TV Star predictions that totally came true. Nicole Beharie of Sleepy Hollow has undeniable chemistry with Tom Mison. Adelaide Kane is ruling it (ha!) over on The CW’s Reign. A new pilot season is right around the corner, and with it, the promise of some great actors and actresses ready to made their big break.

So, TV fans! Welcome to our helpful guide to all the 2014 Fall Television Stars you need to know. If I ever come to your office and find you hangin’ around the ol’ water cooler discussing the latest twists and turns on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder, I expect you to know the name of the show’s young star. And if you don’t, I’ll plaster the walls of your cubicle with this article. Read up, fans!

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