Hottie of the Week: The Hot Disney Princes Who Are Even Hot as Cartoons

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Beauty and the Beast coming back to theaters (in 3D!) this weekend is literally like, the best news we’ve heard since we found out Justin Bieber’s paternity test was negative. Why, you ask? Yes, because it brings us back to our youth and stuff, but also? Because that Beast is one stud muffin. As are his fellow Disney princes, young and old. So, natch, we’ve crowned the Disney dudes our Hotties of the Week. We know they’re cartoons and whatever, but we’re about to tell you why each of these guys are basically our dream dudes…

John Smith is like, the ultimate dude’s dude — he’s adventurous, spontaneous and has a chin as chiseled as Mount Rushmore. Yum.
Disney Prince John Smith
Flynn’s got the hair of an angel and the comedic timing of Justin Timberlake, which is basically the formula for hotness. And we are also sorta in love with his too-cute-for-words goatee.

Disney Prince Flynn

Everyone likes a bad boy, hence our obsession with Aladdin. He steals stuff, but not in the I-got-arrested kinda way, plus, he’s a hopeless romantic. As if our boyfriends ever took us on a magic carpet ride. Hmph.

Disney Prince Aladdin

Naveen has got a thing for Jazz music, and we’ve got a thing for dudes as cultured as him. Oh, and remember when he became a totally different person (in a good way) when he fell in love with Tiana? Admit it. Every girl likes a guy who she can change. Slightly.

Disney Prince Naveen 2

Prince Charming didn’t get his name for nothing. Yes, he’s the ideal man you could bring home to mom, but he’s also pretty loaded. If we married him like Cinderella did, we’d be living a life of luxury and have all the butlers, cleaning ladies and glass slippers we’d please.

Disney Prince Charming Cinderella

Eric saved Ariel’s life and gave her the “kiss of true love” in The Little Mermaid. And obviously, he looks quite dapper in a suit. That is all.

Disney Prince Eric Little Mermaid

General Shang is a traditional family man, and truth be told, we wanna get married and have babies one day. He’s our perfect match! Shang also is really tough and strong, and since we’re so the opposite…

Disney Prince General Shang Mulan

Let’s be honest — not everyone gets to date the hottest guy in school. Amirite? Which is why we’re sorta weirdly attracted to Beast. He’s not exactly a looker, but his soft side totally makes up for it. Plus, out of all these guys on this list, we probably have the best shot with him. Sad but true.

Disney Prince Beauty and the Beast

So, which prince is the hottest? Who’s your fave Disney prince EVAH? Tell us and make sure to vote below, too!

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