15 Celebrity Couples Who Are So Pretty It’ll Make Your Stomach Hurt

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In the true fashion of Hollywood and people whose lives are just way better than all of ours, rumors have recently erupted that Sofia Vergara is now dating hunky piece of man-meat Joe Manganiello. Since they’re both abnormally attractive on their own, I can only imagine that if they walked into a room together as an official out-and-proud couple, the thermostat in the building would inevitably explode and nobody would have to cook their food ever again because of the insane heat these two would be radiating.

Fortunately, for those of us who are more visual learners and like looking at pretty things, this type of phenomenon is the norm these days. Pretty celebrity couples abound in waves so vast that they’re probably some specifically engineered byproduct of a membership in this exclusive “good-looking-humans-who-enjoy-being-in-popular-movies-only” club whose mission statement has something to do with imminent world domination. Since I was unfortunately denied access to a list of club members (mostly because I just made this club up five seconds ago), here are a list of beautiful famous pairs that would probably be a part of it:

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