Hotties Of the Week: Hot Guys You Can’t Have Cause They’re Married

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Hot Male Married CelebritiesYou know what the absolute worst thing in the world is? When you have a crush on a dude but then you find out…dun dun dun…he has a girlfriend. And whatever, we’re about to get real mean on you, dear readers, by flaunting these super hot guys (our Hotties of the Week, duh) in your face who you can’t have because they’re famous and you’re not they’re hitched. Just try not to be too jeal of the wifeys of these dudes like Jay-Z, Kevin Jonas and Armie Hammer, mmkay?

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Since Armie Hammer is just as hot as his Social Network co-stars JT and Andrew Garfield, we’re not surprised that his wifey, Elizabeth Chambers, is freakin’ model-level gorgeous. No wonder Armie is playing the handsome prince in Mirror, Mirror
Armie Hammer and Wife, Elizabeth Chambers

Is it ironic that Bey and Jay sang “Bonnie and Clyde” together back in like, the early 2000’s? Not even a little. These two hip-hop superstars were pretty much made for each other. And just wait until #Babyonce comes in early 2012. We’re so excited just imagining what that little girl is gonna look like. Jay Z and Wife, Beyonce

Tom Welling is long-time hubby to model Jamie White — they got hitched in 2002, which also happened to be the height of Tom’s career on Smallville. Coincidence? Probs not, but these two are still going strong so whatevs. Tom Welling and Wife, Jamie White

Do we need to tell you how Step Up is possibly the best dancing movie ever made? No. No we do not. Do we need to tell you how jealous we are that Channing Tatum married his co-star from the movie, Jenna Dewan, and that they’ve been together ever since? No, no we do not. Channing Tatum Wife, Jenna Dewan

Jared Padelecki has Supernatural levels of hotness, and his wife, Genevieve Cortese, isn’t too bad looking either. So we’re not gonna even mention that Jared should’ve married Alexis Bledel to make our Gilmore Girl-loving Dean and Rory hearts come true. Nope. Not bringing it up. Jared Padelcki and Wife, Genevieve Cortese

And maybe there’s something in the water with those dudes from Supernatural? Jared’s costar, Jensen Ackles, is also hitched, he to soap opera actress Danneel Harris. Somehow those actors aways find each other and we’re majorly jeal. Jensen Ackles and Wife, Danneel Harris

Will the baby rumors ever get put to rest for Josh Duhamel and Fergie? Probs not, but it’s not exactly shocking that everyone wants these two to procreate. Those Fergalicious babes will just be so darn cute! Josh Duhamel and Wife, Fergie

When Kevin Jonas got married at the age of 22, JoBros fans (and, well, everyone), were like, “WTF, man?!” But then when peeps saw him with his super cute wifey Danielle Deleasa (whom he met on vacay in 2007!), everyone shut up. Young or not, those two are pretty much a perfect match. Kevin Jonas, Wife Danielle

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey tied the knot in 2008, and, not gonna lie, at the time we were confused. She’s way older and, ya know, way more famous. But now these two just became parents to adorable little twinsies and fine, we get it. They’re actually sort of the cutest fam ever. Nick Cannon and Wife, Mariah Carey

On-screen, the good guy from Vampire Diaries and the mean big sister from Pretty Little Liars seem like a weird pairing. But IRL, Paul Wesley and Torrey Devitto are pretty much a match made in teenage heaven. Paul Wesley and Wife, Torrey Devitto

So, which wife are you most jealous of? Which hottie is the hottest? Tell us here, and don’t forget to vote!