8 Thoughts You Have When You Have a Hot Teacher

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The upside to the fact that there are so many types of teachers that everyone hates is that the ones we all love are that much more special. Like your hottest teacher, for example. If you’ve been lucky, you’ll have had more than one hot teacher.

But also, who can even handle thinking these eight thoughts for that many school years? It’s exhausting (and amazing).

1. “I have to participate so much to get his attention.” Teachers love that stuff, right? Participate away. Never stop raising your hand.

2. “This is definitely an inappropriate crush.” But eh, what can ya do?

3. “I wonder if he has a girlfriend…” Or a boyfriend. Any “friends” in general, actually.

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4. “He totally knows that every girl in this class is daydreaming about him instead of paying attention.” Mhmm.

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5. “I want him to think I’m hot, but also not really.” Teacher crushes should be a one-way street, otherwise things get real creepy real fast.

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6. “He’s so nerdy, but in, like, the cutest way.” And that’s a nice change of pace from most teachers, who are just nerdy in a nerdy way.

7. “Ugh, look how adorably he sits on his desk.” Aww.

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8. “Gotta sit so I look cute but not like I’m trying to look cute.” It’s a fine art.

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