Hotties of the Week: The Hottest Guys on Disney Channel, Past and Present

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hot-guys-disney-channelA few weeks ago we chose Disney Princes, as in the cartoon kind, for our Hotties of the Week. But this time, we figured we’d give the real-life Disney guys from Disney channel a little hotties love. Good idea, right? Click on to see which Disney stars, past and present, made our list!

Past: Jonas Brothers, JONAS LA
We get that these guys are more famous post-Disney than they were when they had their own show, but Kevin, Joe and Nick playing exaggerated versions of themselves on TV was pure perfection. But then again, so is Nick Jonas on Broadway…

Present: Ross Lynch, Austin & Ally
Clearly Ross has got quite the female fan base here on Teen.com, and we’ve gotta agree with you guys — he’s pretty Rossome. Oh, and he plays the guitar and sings. Sold.ross-lynch-austin-and-ally

Past: Shia Labeouf, Even Stevens
We think Even Stevens just might take the crown as our fave Disney show ever. Now we get to see Shia transform stuff and play the stud in bad-ass action flicks, but is it so wrong that we miss his Disney days? And side note, we know he doesn’t look hot in this pic, per sey, but he’s really hot nowadays, so whatevs. even-stevens-shia-laebouf

Present: Cameron Boyce, Jessie
You guys, we realize that Cameron is like, ten, and may not technically be in hottie territory yet. But he’s just so goshdarn cute as a kid Debby Ryan nannies for on Jessie that this list just wouldn’t be the same without him. Those freckles! We die.cameron-boyce-jessie

Past: David Henrie, Wizards of Waverly Place
Sorry, folks, Wizards really is over. But with the show dunzo or not, Alex’s older bro Justin, played by David, will forever be one of the hottest Disney dudes.david-henrie-wizards-of-waverly-place

Present: Roshon Fegan, Shake it Up
Why is Roshon so lucky? 1. He gets to play Zendaya‘s big bro on TV. 2. He gets to hang out with Bella Thorne all day. 3. He’s freakin’ good looking. That is all.roshon-fegan-shake-it-up

Past: Jake T. Austin, Wizards of Waverly Place
Remember when little Max Russo got really really hot? Yeah, we do too. He might as well be a model or something. But until that happens, we’ll just ogle over Jake via this exclusive interview with him and pretend we’re BFFs. Don’t judge us.wizards-jake-t-austin

Present: Sterling Knight, So Random
Sterling plays Chad, the guy who can be funny, act, sing and dance all at the same time. If that’s not attractive, we don’t know what is.sterling-knight-so-random

Past: Dylan and Cole Sprouse, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
These guys were adorbs when they starred on Friends and in Big Daddy back in the day, but as adults teens? We likey. Good thing there’s two of them so there’s plenty to go around.dylan-cole-sprouse-suite-life

Present: Jason Dolley, Good Luck Charlie
There is absolutely nothing hotter than a cute guy with a baby, hence our obsession with Jason aka PJ Duncan. Just watching him with Charlie makes us want him to father our own babies. Uh,eventually..jason-dolley-good-luck-charlie

Which Disney dude is the hottest of all time? Make sure to vote below and then tell us your thoughts (and who we forgot?) in the comments!

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