Hotties of the Week: The Sexiest Guys on YouTube

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We’ve seen the amazing effects that’ve come out of posting a YouTube video. (Duh, that’s how Justin Bieber and Greyson Chance got their starts!) But some hotties don’t always get discovered by Usher or Ellen DeGeneres and hit the big time. Well, we’re shedding light on those guys. You know, the ones who make us literally LOL in front of our computers or force us to tear up while watching them sing sweet nothings on the Internet. Granted, some of them are complete oddballs and/or crazies, but who cares? They’re hot.

So here it is, our Hotties of the Week— YouTube edition!

Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox
We might be a little biased since we’re BFFs with Smosh.com.
Can you really blame us for including Ian and Anthony though?

Dave Days
Isn’t he such a sweetheart? We’d swoon for our own song by DD.

Damian Sanders-Baron
His sense of humor is off the charts and he squeals about Bieber, too? Love!

Lucas Cruikshank
Lucas’ Fred’s seemingly helium-fueled voice is totally freaky, yet completely hilar.
It even led to (a short-lived) TV series Fred.

Kevin Wu
Any guy who’s willing to wear footsie jammies — for the entire world to see! — just to get a laugh
is alright in our book.

Charlie McDonnell
What makes Charlie so enticing isn’t his tousled locks or baby face.
No, no, it’s actually his British accent. Charming, don’tchya think?

Andrew Bravener
Whether you’re into shaggy-bearded dudes or prefer ’em clean-cut,
you can find a video of Andy that’s your style. He’s sported both looks on his YT channel!

Davey Wavey
Just so there’s no confusion here: Yes, we’re aware that Davey’s gay. And yes,
we know he uses non-Teen-like lingo a lot. We couldn’t help ourselves though — look at his pecs!

Ryan James Yezak
Ryan’s another out-in-the-open gay guy, but we’re still crushin’ on him
due to his music video parody amazingness.

Joey Graceffa
Get used to this face, ’cause pretty soon Joey’s gonna be vlogging for Teen.com!
You’re welcome.

Which YouTube guy above is the hottest? Are we missing any really important ones? Tell us who else we should include, then vote for one of our YT dudes below!

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