The 8 Jewish Hotties That We Want for Chanukah

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Jewish Celebrities, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf, Jake GyllenhaalYa know how it seems like every single person alive celebrates Christmas? Ugh. We know. But in honor of it being the first night of Chanukah, we thought we’d make you Jews out there feel a little better about not having a Christmas tree by talking about our favorite hot dudes — who also happen to be Jews. So next time your mother asks you, “Why can’t you just date a nice Jewish boy?” tell her you can, and that’s it’s going to be one of these guys. Glad we could help.

Read on for our top 8 Jewish hotties (get it? For each night of Chanukah?) and them talking about being Jewish. Some of these may really surprise you…

Yeah, we know Drake is half-black, but the other half? Full Jew! He even had a Bar Mitzvah. Watch him talk about synagogue and his yamulke and Rosh Hashanah right here and you just might melt:

Jesse Eisenberg
Jesse didn’t just play a Hasidic jew in Holy Rollers. He’s a Jew, albeit Reform, IRL. And because you probably couldn’t tell from his last name, Jesse proves his Jewdom right here:

Jake Gyllenhaal
We are proud to say that Jake, arguably the second hottest guy on the planet, is also a chosen person. And ya know what? He’s even hotter in this adorable vid where he whips out the Hebrew and talks about Passover. Wrong holiday, but we’ll take it:

Logan Lerman
Logs is too is a Jew, even though this character he played on Jack & Bobby back in the day isn’t. But the Hebrew he’s spewing here? We bet he totally learned that in temple.

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