11 Hotties Doing That Sexy Jaw Thing That Guys Do

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We’re pretty positive that hot guys with strong jawlines were intended specifically as a gift to the Earth. And, holy crap, do we appreciate it. Especially when they do that jaw clench thing when they’re tense, or excited or just existing. Did we mention that we’re really into it? Because we are.

But, honestly, how could we not be? Have you seen an insanely hot guy clenching his insanely hot jaw recently? JUST LOOK AT THEM:

1. Jensen Ackles. O… M… G.

2.  Alex Pettyfer. *Experiences heart palpitations.*

Sam Claflin Jaw Clench

Tumblr (kharingtons)

3. Zayn Malik. We wish we were that window so we’d be close to Zayn and his jaw. Is that weird?

Zayn Malik Jaw

Tumblr (kassiwa)

4. Josh Hutcherson. SO HOT.

5. Theo James. Goodbyeee.

Theo James Jaw Clench

Tumblr (je-ne-sais-pa5)

6. Austin Butler. H-E-L-L-O.

Austin Butler Jaw Clench

Tumblr (myprettyjvlie)

7. Colton Haynes. So subtle, so perfect.

8. Paul Wesley. We’re into this. Like a whole lot.

Paul Wesley Jaw Clench

Tumblr (stagdogwolfandrat)

9. Chris Evans.He sort of looks like a hot puppy here, no?

Chris Evans Jaw Clench

Tumblr (take-thatbody-downtown)

10. Tom Hiddleston. Excuse us, FAINTING.

Tom Hiddleston Jaw Clench

Tumblr (luciawestwick)

11. Channing Tatum.Yes and please.

Channing Tatum Jaw Clench

Tumblr (thorhelps)

You’re welcome.

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