Hottie Of The Week: Hot Guys Who Played Ugly Guys On-Screen

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It’s hard to believe that any of the guys that we’re dubbing as Hotties of the Week could ever be ugly, but that happened, guys. Yes, we know they’re acting and it’s all part of the job, but we’re kind of in awe at how these hotties transformed from hot to so not for certain movie roles. It’s hard work to make beautiful people ugly, ya know. Scroll through the transformations and see for yourself.

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Here are the top 8!

1.Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Hesher in…well, Hesher. More like put your clothes back on, no one wants to see that.

2. James Franco as Saul Silver in Pineapple Express. Eh, he doesn’t look that bad, but that long hair is so not working.

3. When we think about Jim Sturgess, we just wanna shnuggle. But when we think about Jim in Heartless, um, we’d rather not.

4. Normally we’d do just about anything with Ryan Gosling, but not as a baldy old dad in Blue Valentine.

5. Although the whole moral of the story in Beastly is that beauty should come from within, did they have to make Alex Pettyfer this hard to look at?

6. Ryan Reynolds played the chubby Chris Brander in Just Friends. Yeah, we would probably keep him in the friend zone, too.

7. Nicholas Hoult went from Dr. Hank McCoy to furry blue Beast in X-Men:First Class. We prefer the nerdy thing more.

8. To be fair, no one would think Matthew Lewis was going to grow up smokin’ hot. But we wish the directors didn’t purposely push Neville Longbottom’s ears forward or give him fake teeth in Harry Potter! Were they afraid he was gonna get all the ladies or something?

Which was your favorite transformation? Are there any other hotties-turned-ugly-dudes you would have included? Let us know in the comments!