10 Things to Know About Hot Chelle Rae

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We got them to spill on their “Tonight Tonight” video and gave you a chance to meet them IRL. But it wasn’t ’til we stalked chatted with them on the red carpet at Jingle Ball 2011 that we decided we needed to know everything about Hot Chelle Rae. C’mon, they’re awesome, hilar, and their music is insane (in a good way, obvs). So to feature them in the best way we know how, we’re making them our New Stars of the week! And if you wanna get your HCR fix, here’s 10 things you gotta know about ’em:

1. The band was originally known as an unsigned group called Miracle Drug. They named themselves Hot Chelle Rae after they were stalked on MySpace by a user who referred to herself as Chelle Rae. She disappeared after they called her out on her false identity, but then they took the name!

2. HCR won Best New Artist at the 2011 AMAs. Well, duh! 

3. Nash Overstreet, the lead guitarist, comes from a whole family of musicians, including his dad, Paul, who’s a country music singer-songwriter, and little brother Chord… We’re sure you’ve heard of him.

4. Drummer Jamie Follese is a fan of a lot of our fave lady musicians, including Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Leona Lewis, and Taylor Swift! Um, can we be BFFS?

5. The lead vocalist of the band, Ryan Follese (Jamie’s bro) biggest pet peeves are when people chew with their mouths open and the sound of filing nails. #random

6. Ian Keaggy, the bassist, moved to Ireland for six months before having a ‘feeling’ he should come back to Nashville. HCR started right after! Good call there, dude.

7. Nash’s fave flicks include Pineapple Express, Superbad, and Stepbrothers. So basically anything with Seth Rogen.

8. Ryan has a big fat tattoo between his neck and chest. It says, “Dream with my eyes open, Sleep when I’m dead, Love who my hearts chosen, Conquer what lies ahead.” Deep.

9. Hot Chelle Rae’s first official single, “Tonight Tonight,” peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

10. They’ve already opened for Lil Jon (who’s already a super big deal), and next year, they’re set to perform at all of T.Swift’s Australian tour shows!

Are you already a Hot Chelle Rae fan? What’s your favorite song of theirs? Which bandmate is the cutest? You can tell us!

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