Stuff We <3: 10 Things We're Obsessing Over!

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Did you spend all your money on Black Friday? Let’s hope not… because this week, we’ve been obsessing over 10 totally amazing things that you’re def gonna wanna buy.

Out of dolla dolla billz? Just take note and ask for these 10 items for the holidays. This week’s list of Must Haves includes two ways to sparkle this December, two awesome apps, and, oh yeah, Bella’s wedding dress from Breaking Dawn. For real. Check out all our picks below!


1. Whatever CD/download – Hot Chelle Rae

If you don’t know all the lyrics to “Tonight, Tonight” by now, you probs live under a rock. Don’tcha think it’s about time you got to know the AMA New Artist Of The Year?! So go scoop up Hot Chelle Rae‘s newest album, Whatever. You’ll find tons of addictive pop rock hits like “I Like it Like That” and “Why Don’t You Love Me?” featuring our girl Demi Lovato. Oh, and lead guitarist Nash Overstreet is Chord’s big bro. #justsayin

2. China Glaze Eye Candy Nail Polish

Get into the holiday spirit early with these sparkly new polishes for only $6 each! China Glaze’s latest collection includes glittery colors like “Marry a Millionaire” and “Some Like it Haute” that are perfect for an ultra glam look.

3. The Art Of Getting By DVD

So there are TONS of reasons to buy this rom-com released on DVD/Blu-ray today. But the obvious one is the uber-talented Emma Roberts, who stars in the film along with cutie Freddie Highmore. We kinda have a girl crush on her in this movie.

4. Luminance photo editing app for iOS

We’ll admit it: we’re addicted to Instagram. If you are too, you will LOVE Luminance. This photo editing app is pretty similar to Instagram, except you can do way more. There’s a ton more background shades, an easy cropping tool and you can even adjust the white balance, exposure and brightness/contrast. Oh and the best part? It’s free this week from the iTunes App store so get on that… right now. P.S. You can thank the app for the ah-mazing photo below.

5. The Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress

OK, so this is more of a pipe dream than something we’re actually thinking of buying. Ya know, since a) we’re not getting married anytime soon and b) we don’t have $800. But, we completely <3 it anyway! Dress designer Alfred Angelo decided to cash in on Breaking Dawn (of course) and made a cheaper version of the $35,000 Carolina Herrera dress Bella wore to her wedding. It was only a matter of time, people. And hey, if the dress isn’t really in your budget, there’s always the Prom 2012 Romantic Vampire collection. Seriously.

6.  Adele Live at The Royal Albert Hall CD/DVD

We’re sooo bummed Adele has been MIA lately due to her throat surgery. You too? Get your Adele fix by picking up her latest release: a CD/DVD of a recent London concert that went on sale today. The two-disc set includes behind-the-scenes footage and an audio CD. Make sure to watch the trailer below.

7. Sparkle Uggs
What should you pair with your glitterfied nails? Sparkly Ugg boots, of course. We can’t decide if these boots are so great because they’re fabulous or because they’re fabulously insane. We think Ke$ha would love ’em. What’s your take?

8. Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2 CD/download

Other than the Biebs, this is pretty much our fave Christmas album this season. We’re loving “Extraordinary Merry Christmas,” an original song (!) sung by Darren Criss and Lea Michele and “Santa Baby” performed by Naya Rivera. Plus, the album features tunes from the two winners and runners-up from The Glee Project.

9.  David and Young Critter Hat

This winter is probably going to be freezing because Mother Nature pretty much hates us. So, we suggest you bundle up in only the cutest winter accessories ever. And that includes this adorable hat sold at Macy’s for only $20! It also has matching gloves!

10. Joe Jonas Official App
No matter how you feel about this JoBro as a singer, you can’t deny his hotness. So we think you should download his official app so you can look at that pretty face all winter long. It’s got audio tracks of his songs, video teasers, tons of photos and easy access (haha) to his Twitter account.

What did you think of our picks? Will you be buying any of them? What’s on your holiday wish-list this year? Hit up the comments!