10 Hacks That’ll Change the Way People with Hooded Eyes Do Their Makeup

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If you don’t have hooded eyes, you’re probably thinking — ‘Huh? How can eyes wear hoods?’ Basically, having this eye shape means you have a fold of skin that comes down when your eyes are open and covers your natural lid. If you DO have hooded eyes, you’re most likely thanking the makeup gods for providing you with some tips that’ll make your morning routine much easier. Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively and Taylor Swift all have hooded eyelids, and know exactly what to do in order to have flawless makeup every time.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to figure out how to do your makeup to best suit your eyeball quite like the stars — we’re here to help! The below hacks will completely change the way you get ready every day and are almost guaranteed to make people say, “What’s different about you?”

1. First thing’s first, here’s a guide with all the words we’ll be discussing in this post:

2. Focus dark eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes in order to help create a lifted illusion:

3. Many people with hooded eyes think they can’t wear winged eyeliner, but they’re wrong! Just remember to keep the line as thin as possible:

4. You can also practice with various shapes and styles of liner. They may look a little strange when your eyes are closed, but you’re looking to achieve a seamless look when your peepers are open:

5. Using pencil liner first can also help you get the perfect line:

6. Really lift and open up your eyes by dragging your shadow out into a cat-eye shape, too:

7. Put your crease color a little bit above the fold of skin in your eyes to make them look bigger:

8. Because it’s hard to see color on your lids when you have hooded eyes, a great option is to place a bright shadow on your inner corners for a fun pop:

9. You know what they say — fake it until you make it! Here’s how you can use black liner to create a new, higher crease:

10. If that look’s a little too intense for you, you can do the same technique with a more subtle brown color and blending brush:

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