Editor Showdown: Home Alone vs. Home Alone 2 — Which Movie Is Better?

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Ah, the Home Alone franchise. Are there any better ’90s Christmas movies? We’re about five days away from the big day now — yay! — and while many holiday flicks have already been playing on a loop for the majority of December, there’s just something about these two flicks that gets us to watch. Every. Single. Time.

In case you didn’t know, the original Home Alone was released back in 1990, while its sequel — Home Alone: Lost in New York — dropped two years later. While both movies are complete classics, which one reigns supreme?

For this week’s Editor Showdown, I (Amanda) will argue why the OG Home Alone is best, while my cohort, Kaitlin, will explain why she thinks the sequel trumps all. Let’s discuss…

Amanda, Editor: First of all, the one-liners in this movie are just out of control. I feel like I can quote at least, like, half of the movie: “When I get married and have kids, I’m living alone!” “I made my parents disappear.” “Look what ya did, ya little jerk!” “Kevin, you’re such a disease.” “Buzz, your girlfriend. WOOF!” In addition to that, the movie perfectly encompasses what it’s like to have tons of family over around the holidays. You just want to escape, but there’s nowhere to go.

And can we discuss this moment with his cousin, Fuller?


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I swear, every time I see it, I can’t stop laughing for at least 10 minutes. Moments like this are the reasons GIFs were invented.

Plus, how can you not appreciate the scenes where Kevin is self-sufficient? He starts off eating tons of ice cream and doing whatever he wants, but then he realizes he needs to be responsible. What wonderful character development! Oh, and let’s not forget about the subplot with Old Man Marley. That’ll really tug at your heartstrings.

Sure, the whole “Wet Bandits” part of the movie shows that Kevin basically has the makings of a sociopath, but hey, he was trying to defend his house and this was before the Internet and the phone lines were down. He was just being resourceful!

Also, the fact that this movie even got a part II was a very big deal back in those days. They didn’t just give every movie a sequel like they do now. Giving the movie a sequel meant this was something special — and it still is over 23 years later.

Kaitlin, Associate Editor: The original Home Alone will forever be a favorite of mine. But, with that being said, there are way more reasons to suggest that Home Alone: Lost in New York is the better film in the Macaulay Culkin-led franchise…

For starters, there are more characters to fall in love with. While the first movie introduced us to Kevin, as well as Harry and Marv, the second includes all of the aforementioned three (Wet Bandits –> Sticky Bandits), as well as the hilarious staff at The Plaza Hotel — thanks for the laughs, Tim Curry & Rob Schneider! — and, as a replacement to the side story with Old Man Marley, there’s the wonderful pigeon lady plot complete with turtledoves.

The pranks are bigger and better. Not only did Kevin add more danger to his OG paint can & blow torch routines, but he also threw THREE bricks at Marv’s face and electrocuted him. Clearly, both of the criminals would’ve died in the first film if these antics actually represented real life — an iron to the face, really? — so you can’t argue that these tricks are too detrimental. Therefore, #2’s pranks were better. End of story.

Then there was Duncan’s Toy Chest — do you know how bummed I was when I found out it didn’t exist? Ugh! Plus, the gift that every kid asked for in the early ’90s: Talkboy. Did the first film lead to a must-have holiday item? I don’t think so. Oh yeah, and it took place in New York City — my stomping grounds! So, in my eyes, NYC > everywhere.

Though there are plenty more points to make, I’ll leave you with the infamous clown shower scene. What kid could’ve thought of this?



“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!”

So, which editor are you siding with? Are you more of a fan of Home Alone or Home Alone 2? Tell us your reasons why in the comments below!

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