Great. Now We Have Another (Really Big) Reason To Be Jealous of the Kardashians

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They say not to hate people cause they’re beautiful, and when it comes to the Kardashians, it’s hard, since they’re just so beautiful. But now we have another reason to hate (and by hate we mean love) Kourtney, Kim and Khloe

They’re rich. Like, really rich. And the Kardashian sisters plus little sibs Kylie and Kendall are so rich that they even got a cover on The Hollywood Reporter saying how rich they are. OK, we know you get it that they’ve got quite a lot of money, but how exactly did they make all those millions? Two words..

Kris Jenner. That’s right. Mama Kardashian is her kids’ momager and she’s pretty much solely responsible for all her daughters’ success and their $65 million (!) payday. And how’d she build “Kardashian Inc,” exactly?

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Guess you’ll just have to go to The Hollywood Reporter to find out! Or, if you live in New York or Los Angeles, you can buy a copy of the mag now!

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