The People Who Make Kristen Stewart, Dianna Agron & Amanda Seyfried Glam

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If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities like Kristen StewartDianna Agron and Amanda Seyfried look gorgeous every single time a camera snaps a picture of them on the red carpet, it’s not because they’re naturally flawless. (Though, their beauty does have a lot to do with it.) It’s actually because of these people; the faces behind the faces: their hairstylists and makeup artists. While some stars may change their beauticians as much as they change their underwear, these ladies bonded with theirs so much so that they consider them as confidants; go-tos; friends.

When asked about her relationship with celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel, Kristen says, “We’ve known each other forever. Adir pretty much, I mean, he kind of owns my hair.”

The Hollywood Reporter

As for Amanda, she couldn’t help but gush about Jenny Cho: “[She’]s the only person who cuts my hair. It’s nice that I can count on her not only as a hairstylist, but as a friend.”

The Hollywood Reporter

And what’s Dianna’s relationship like with makeup artist Georgie Eisdell? “I learned a lot of tips from Georgie. Angle up, no sad eyes. I’ll stay up extra late, not on purpose, but because I know she can work absolute wonders.”

The Hollywood Reporter

For more of the shoot, check out and go behind the scenes with the stars (sans KStew) in the video below!

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