Stuff We <3 That You Need To Buy This Week

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Did you make your holiday list yet? Did you check it twice? Were you naughty or… OK, you get the point. We’re here to help you out on the idea front. So, what things are we loving this week that you need to put on your wishlist rightthissecond?

Get into the holiday spirit with headphones that double as earmuffs, plaid nail polish strips and sparkly eyeshadow! And so much more, of course.


1. Fright Night DVD
You probs already know how much we love Anton Yelchin, so we’re thinking you need to pick up this up stat. He’s cute, really talented and this movie (about vampires!) is totally scary hilarious. BUY HERE!

2. ModCloth bracelet
We’re kinda in love with vintage stuff (or at least stuff that looks vintage). And we’re thinking this flower petals metals bracelet would go with pretty much anything we own. Bonus: It’s only $13.99! BUY HERE!

3. Nail Polish Strips
So, you want a fun holiday manicure, but you’re not really interested in hitting up a spa? Do it yourself with these Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips that come in designs like plaid (below) or peppermint. It’s easy, cute and is way better than a boring top coat of polish. BUY HERE!

4. Just Dance 3 
Remind yourself of summer with Playstation 3’s latest release Just Dance 3. It’s got this year’s hottest hits (“Party Rock Anthem”), plus some classics (“California Gurls,” “Forget You”). But the best part? Dancing to your fave songs that you know all the words to is actually a completely legit way of exercising. Totally beats the gym, eh? BUY HERE!

5. Kanye West needlepoint
So we have to have this, like, right now. Remember when Kanye West tweeted all those ridic things last year? Well, now you can have those hilarious tweets on your wall! Some crazy person genius on Etsy decided it would be funny to needlepoint his tweets. Talk about the best wall decoration evah. BUY HERE!

6. Cromatico Eyeshadow Set
The only thing we love more than the cute colors in this eyeshadow set is the fun skull case. Stop by Sephora and glam it up with colors like Killer Candy (royal purple pearl) and Samba (icy gray pearl) and you’re pretty much set for the season. BUY HERE!

7. Transformers Trilogy DVD box set
So a little bird told us there will be a Transformers 4, so we’re thinking you need to watch 1, 2 and 3 before that comes out (even if it won’t be till, like, 2013). Plus, it’s Shia LaBeouf at his best so this one’s a no brainer. BUY HERE!

8. Juicy Couture Faux Fur Earmuff Speaker Headphones
Remember last week how we told you about those uh-mazing gloves that you could text with? Well, this is sorta like that. Here are some super cute and fluffy headphones that double as earmuffs. You can’t get much better than staying cozy and comfy wile jamming out to some holiday tunes. BUY HERE!

9. Pose App
This app is all about sharing your fave outfits and we can def get on board with that. The app lets you tag, catalog, and share what you’re wearing as well as stalk check out other people’s outfits (even bloggers and stylists are on it). Now you’ll never have a reason to leave your room in leggings and a sweatshirt looking a mess again. BUY HERE!

10. Titanium ‘G Mirror’ Slap Watch
At only $16 at Nordstrom, this watermelon colored slap watch is an amazing steal! But we’re really thinking about the hours of fun you’ll have while slapping it on your friends’ wrists, like, all day long. Plus, you’ll finally be on time for class. BUY HERE!

Which of these items are you adding to your wishlist? Any other prods that you’re loving this week? Comment away!