Stuff We <3 That Your Boyfriend Will Too

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The holidays are finally here! Did you get your guy a gift? If that answer is no, it’s probably because you’re waiting till the last minute or you have no idea what to get him. So we’re gonna help ya out on this one. No matter if your dude is into television, into his iPhone or even into himself, we’ve got 10 ideas that are guaranteed #winners.

1. Etch a Sketch iPhone case
This iPhone case is so cute you might even want it for yourself. But seriously, your BF probs needs a new case and getting him anything that reminds him of his childhood says you care a lot. BUY HERE!

2. Netflix subscription
Netflix Instant might just be the greatest invention ever. Buy your guy a monthly subscription and he’ll have access to thousands of movies (Shutter Island, Limitless etc.) and TV shows (Friday Night Lights, Family Guy, Breaking Bad etc.) The best part? He can play Netflix on a TV (through Nintendo) or even on his smart phone. BUY HERE!

3. iWatchz Wrist Strap for iPod Nano
If he has a Nano, buy him this watch band, which instantly turns his MP3 player into a time-telling ticker. It’s insanely cool and pretty much kills two birds with one stone. BUY HERE!

4. Stance socks
You’re probably thinking socks, REALLY? But we bet you’ve never seen socks like this before. Prove how well you know your guy by picking out a few pairs. And P.S. — he doesn’t need to know that you bought him these so his feet will stop smelling… BUY HERE!

5. Lego Wii controller
10 bucks says he has a Wii, so gift him this Lego controller that is way more fun than the one he has now. Plus, as we said, nostalgia gifts are MONEY. BUY HERE!

6. Airzone Punisher Blaster
Speaking of childhood nostalgia, this one’s sort of a no-brainer. If anything, this toy shows you’re a cool girl who isn’t afraid to get a little crazy every now and then. BUY HERE!

7. The Big Pony Collection Coffret
Look, we’re not saying your BF smells or anything (see #4), but if you want him to smell delicious (which is a good thing for both you guys), pick up this cologne sampler that includes four different flavors depending on his mood. BUY HERE!

8. Block Headwear Fitzgerald Trapper
Add a little bit of heat to your relationship with this cute trapper hat that will keep his ears from getting red and freezing. Odds are he’ll look mega cute in it, too. BUY HERE!

9. Phrase Photo Album
Looking for something a bit more personal? Head over to Urban Outfitters for several different photo albums with titles like “NO REGRETS” and “I @$#*%! LOVE YOU” and fill it with photos of all your most memorable moments. If he doesn’t drop a few tears, he’s probs a vampire not human. BUY HERE!

10. The Office (Seasons 1-6)
Why does every guy love The Office? We have no idea, but we do know that if you get him this box set, he will totally owe you. Yeah, it’s kinda pricey, but nobody ever said the perfect gift was cheap. BUY HERE!

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Would you buy any of these for your dude? What’s on his wishlist this year? Share all the details below!