17 Holiday Beauty Kits That You Cannot Miss Out on This Season

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It’s finally October, which means that we can almost officially say that it’s holiday season! Once Halloween passes, we can officially start getting ready for Christmas carols and peppermint mocha lattes. Thanksgiving WHO?! We are so excited for the holiday festivities to begin; there’s just something magical about that time of year that pumpkins and witches simply can’t provide on October 31.

There is a LOT of exciting things to look forward to. We get to see family and friends, have a good excuse for taking a second slice of cake, put up decorations and enjoy not sweating to death the moment we walk outside. One of the best things about the holidays is that there are seemingly endless amounts of opportunities to dress up in cozy sweaters and sparkly dresses.

While getting all dolled up is seriously fun, it also means that there is pretty much a 100% chance that a TON of photos will be taken and put all over Instagram before you even arrive home. We love taking pictures with our friends as much as the next person, but when someone uploads a shot that they look great in but we look like Cinderella’s ugly step-sisters in, we can’t help but rethink our beauty routine.

Thankfully, all the top beauty brands must be well aware of our crisis because they always release the best new products just in time for the holidays. As much as we love them, there’s nothing worse than hearing all your friends talk about their new go-to highlighter that you had no idea existed! We want to save you from not being in the know, which is why we rounded up all of our fave new limited-edition products that are the perfect way to jump start the holiday fun.

Whether you want to grab them before they’re gone for good or start making your present wishlist early, these lipsticks, highlighters, eye shadows and MORE are an absolute must.