6 Projects Hilary Duff Missed Out on Being a Part of Over the Years

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When you think Hilary Duff, you think Lizzie McGuire — there’s no denying it and there’s no way around it. The 30-year-old actress may not have appeared on a new episode of the hit Disney Channel show since 2003 — feel old yet? — but she’ll always be known for putting Gordo in the friend zone and pining after Ethan Craft. Not to mention her sparkly headbands and cartoon mini-me, which was totally the first-ever Bitmoji. Who could forget about the signatures of her iconic TV role?

That doesn’t mean Hilary hasn’t tried to move past her Disney success over the years, though. The blonde even turned down a ton of movie and TV opportunities during her career to avoid being typecast in the future. But even with a season of Gossip Girl under her belt, a Material Girls collab with older sis Haylie Duff, and a more recent stint on Younger, we have to admit that she’ll forever be Lizzie McGuire in our hears. Even a music career, the birth of son Luca, and a divorce from hockey player husband Mike Comrie didn’t do much to skew our perception of her in the long run — it’s basically set in stone!

It’s possible there was a role out there that could have bumped Hilary out of the Disney Channel mold, but the blonde actress turned down (or was rejected) from so many parts that could have been key to making this transition. Whether she was trying to change her good girl image or just not feeling the characters, HD missed out on a number of projects we would have loved to see her try — most of which you’ll never guess in a million years. We’re bummed these never happened, but at least we’ve always got Lizzie McGuire reruns to keep us happy!