20 of the Highest-Rated Books-Turned-TV Shows of All Time

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Everyone loves a good on-screen adaptation of a book — and not just because it means you don’t have to read that long classic novel your teacher assigned over winter break. It’s more than that! When you fall in love with a story, whether you’re drawn in by the characters or the world itself, there’s nothing like tuning in every weeknight to see how Hollywood handled it. Unless they handled it horribly, that is…

We all know that if you’ve read a book a show is based on, you can’t help but be extra critical of it. We’ve all been there! Either the protagonist doesn’t look anything like you imagined when you were flipping through the pages, the dialogue is trash, or your favorite scene is cut entirely. TBH, the list of disappointments could go on and on if we let it.

But sometimes a story takes on a life of its own when it’s on the small screen. There’s a sweet spot when the series has enough of the original content you fell in love with, but then builds onto that. It’s the balance we’re always looking for when we check out our fave reads on television. And if the Rotten Tomatoes critics have anything to say about it, these 20 shows managed to do just that.