10 of the Highest-Paid Gamers on YouTube Who Made Bank Last Year

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YouTube (PewDiePie)

Most popular YouTubers have to work extra hard for their money. Besides making videos, they have to keep up a really consistent social media presence on all platforms to keep their fans entertained and invested 24/7. Internet stars raking in the money with ads and sponsorships basically have to be glued to their phones all the time — talk about a full-time job! — but that isn’t always the case for YT gamers.

While some do choose to interact with their fans off of YouTube and have racked up huge followings on other platforms, others don’t have to move too far past their video game vids to keep their subscribers — and their incomes — up. In fact, even though odds are good that you know who PewDiePie and KSI are, other YouTube gamers who make BANK aren’t as recognizable in mainstream Hollywood.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t making millions! So maybe it’s time to start paying some more attention… or just developing a new hobby? Looks like this is where the money’s at. Forbes has the numbers on the top earners in this category from 2017 and even the estimates from other outlets on the lesser-known gamers have us SHOOK.