10 of the Highest-Paid Television Actors of the Year

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Highest Paid TV Actors 2017


When we watch our favorite actors on TV playing roles that depict them as regular people, it can sometimes be hard to remember that IRL, they’re actually super famous and super rich. Obviously, it makes total sense that the more popular the show is, the more the actors get paid. Sofia Vergara of the hit comedy series Modern Family, for example, makes an unbelievable $41.5 million per year. What a QUEEN!

Even though Sof is definitely the highest paid actress on television by a long shot, there are still loads of actors who hit the jackpot by signing on to be part of the cast of some of the most popular television shows in existence today. And, since we already took a look at how much cash our favorite female TV stars bring home each year, let’s check out which males are also taking their iconic roles straight to the bank. Shall we?