10 of the Highest-Paid Beauty Gurus on YouTube Today

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It’s hard not to envy the lives of beauty gurus. They have the luxury of working from their bedroom and get paid to talk about their style interests. As if that isn’t enough to make you turn green, the most popular YouTube stars have learned to leverage their hoards of subscribers to support everything from their makeup lines to their book releases… making MILLIONS in the process. Sounds like a cushy life, for sure. But you can’t negate the amount of work they’ve put in to turn their hobby into a business.

As YouTubers reach new heights, there is a lot of talk surrounding just who is the most successful beauty guru. It can be hard to pinpoint, as there are many factors to consider from the number of subscribers to the amount of ad revenue they generate. Lucky for us, we’ve broken it down in easy-to-understand terms for ya. Here is a list of the ten highest paid beauty gurus on YouTube (as of last year):