The 17 Highest Grossing Musicians of the Past Year (You’ll NEVER Guess Who’s #1)

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If you didn’t fantasize about being a chart-topping pop star when you were younger, you’re lying! (And don’t try acting like you don’t still get lost in those daydreams sometimes). But if you really haven’t, picture life as Taylor Swift for just a sec. You’re on stage, Madison Square Garden is packed to capacity, and you’re belting out a song you wrote about a bad breakup while everyone in the audience sings along with you. You finish to a standing ovation, blow kisses to your fans, and let your driver escort you back to your penthouse apartment in TriBeCa.

And oh yeah, one more thing. You’re making absolute bank, too. #GOALS. While it’s one thing to make money working a high-stress corporate job, it’s quite another to roll in the dough while doing something you love. That’s why we think musicians like Tay have it made. Sure, they have to deal with the pesky paparazzi, but at the end of the day, they’re supporting themselves and their families — as well as helping out the less-fortunate — with their passion. If anyone wanted to step down from the spotlight, we’d SO volunteer as tribute in a heartbeat.

But while we all know these celebs are raking it in, have you ever stopped to consider just how much their annual income is? We’ve got the numbers for the 17 highest-paid musicians of 2017 thanks to Forbes and even the lowest on the list made a staggering sum. Not only will your jaw keep dropping based on numbers alone, but you’ll be shocked by just which A-listers are making the most. You’d never guess.