The Top 25 Highest-Grossing Animated Disney Movies of All Time

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Walt Disney Animation Studios is responsible for some of the most iconic and popular movies to ever be created. Without them, we wouldn’t have our beloved Disney Princesses and our favorite animal sidekicks! We don’t even want to think about living in a world where Mushu didn’t pretend to be the Great Stone Dragon and help Mulan save all of China from the Huns. Although it takes years for these animated classics to hit the theaters, it’s always worth the wait. There are a ton of Disney projects that are currently in the works, but instead we’re going to look back at the company’s highest-grossing flicks in celebration of all that it’s accomplished over the years.

It’s hard to separate movies that were produced solely by Walt Disney Animation Studios because of how often they collaborate with Pixar, but don’t worry ’cause we already ranked all 19 Pixar movies! These classics are being ranked by their current domestic lifetime adjusted gross, meaning how much money the film has raked in since its release in relation to our current economical climate. Walt Disney Animation Studios has been making features since 1937, so the list is full of our old-school favorites, but newer flicks have also made their way into the top 25! No matter where your fave movie lands on the list, you’re definitely going to want to have a Disney movie marathon after reading this.