From Our BFFS: Wanna See Some Of The Most Ignorant Teens Ever?

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So, do you kids learn anything in high school these days? These interviewed teens struggled with answers to basic questions like who the Vice President of the United States is. Uh, maybe now’s the time to stop texting in History?

And speaking of school, could math get more fun than when its sung to the tune of a Nicki Minaj song? No. No it cannot. [HuffPost High School]

Ashley Greene is pulling a Katy Perry by kissing a girl…and liking it. [Posh24]

What not to do when on the job? Go to work drunk, a la Daniel Radcliffe. Good to know, Dan. [Hollywire]

Well, looks like Miley Cyrus‘s love-fest with Bob Dylan songs continues. She even performed one on Ellen! [Cambio]


Those lady-filled Super Bowl performances were amazing, were they not? Well, so were these other girl-powered showstoppers from Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. [gURL]

Bad news, gleeks. Glee is going on a 7-week hiatus! But NOW what are we supposed to do on Tuesday nights?! [Twist]

Remember how gleek Chord Overstreet and Emma Roberts just split up last week? Well, she sure has rebounded quickly. [Wetpaint]

Ok, is Armie Hammer not the hottest prince ever? Look at him in Mirror Mirror! Look! Really! [Just Jared Jr.]

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