20 Things You’ll Do in High School That You’ll Regret Later in Life

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High school is a really awkward time for most people — so if you’re going through it right now, and wondering to yourself why life is so cruel, don’t worry. You are certainly not alone. It is one of the most embarrassing times of your life, and you are going to do so many things that are going to make you smack your head in amazement later on in your life.

Personally, I hated high school. I was shy, introverted, beyond awkward, confused, lost, and sad. I suffered with anxiety and some growing-pains-depression, neither of which I wanted to address. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked. I had transferred to a high school where I didn’t know anyone (and the one girl I did know shunned me), and I missed my old friends very much. I had to deal with very strict parents. I was scared of everything. I eventually started dating someone, let them consume my life and missed out on most of the experiences high school has to offer.

So, when reading this list, please don’t feel bad if you do these things. It’s natural. I’ve probably done all of them, if that makes you feel better. But maybe consider NOT doing these things and avoiding these mistakes — because, seriously, doing so might change everything. Here are 20 things you’ll do in high school that you’ll definitely regret later in life:

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