Twitter Round Up: What People Are Saying About the #HSMReunion

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Brace yourselves people — five years ago TODAY (October 24) the final installment of the epic High School Musical trilogy was released in theaters. (Moment of silence, please.)

The HSM movies gave us so much throughout the years ("We're All in This Together"! Jazz Hands! Zac Efron!), so we can't say we're exactly surprised people want to see a reunion. In fact, some of the cast members WILL reunite in December for a charity event coordinated by Monique Coleman. Pretty much everyone EXCEPT for Zac will be taking part, which some people aren't too thrilled about.

People have been tweeting up a storm about the mini #HSMReunion, so we thought we'd round up some tweets that express how people are feeling about the whole situation. Check them out below!


There seem to be some mixed emotions there, but how are YOU feeling about the mini-HSM reunion? Tell us in the comments section!

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