17 Inappropriate Memes That Take High School Musical from PG to NSFW

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When it comes to Disney’s cult franchise High School Musical, there are certain things we can never forget; shipping Troy and Gabriella like our lives depended on it, crème brûlée becoming our new favorite dessert and random impulses to pop, lock, jam and break, just to name a few.

But, in just 17 memes, prepare to forget everything you once believed about HSM being pure, unadulterated fun. We sincerely, apologize for possibly tarnishing the films for you from here on out, but just try not to laugh when you scroll through these pictures. We dare you!


2. They are so thirsty!

3. But, wait. Plot twist!

4. Yep, we bet you do!

5. Jeez, Chad. Someone’s really gettin’ around.

6. The motive behind the crème brûlée:

7. Ugh, typical guy!

8. Wait, wha — ?!

9. That is some Game of Thrones sh** right there!

10. So many mental picturs rn!

11. Ahhh!

12. Er… Uhmm… Speechles.

13. What a pickup line.

14. The explicit “Get Your Head in the Game” lyrics would go like this:

15. We can certainly tell!

16. Coming to theaters near you:



17. Well, now.

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