DREAMCASTING: Who Should Star in Disney’s High School Musical 4?

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When the news broke that High School Musical 4 was officially a go, the entire world freaked the eff out in excitement… until they realized that the original cast of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, etc., would not be returning. What the legit heck, Disney?? But once the shock of that bombshell wore off, fans slowly became more accepting of the idea that HSM 4 will, in fact, be different, but it’s still another installment in the beloved DCOM franchise.

But that brings us to another major issue — if the OG stars of HSM aren’t coming back to East High, who the heck is going to be cast?! While Disney is currently holding open auditions to potentially find the next Zac, Vanessa and crew, fans are still lending their two cents in the dreamcasting department. We know who they want to star in the One Direction-inspired movie, After, but who deserves to be a part of the much-anticipated film? Here are who fans are hoping for:

-Erin — Former Wizards of Waverly Place star Bailee Madison is the frontrunner in fans’ eyes to play the film’s lead role. E! reports that the character is a “badass soccer player” who “starts falling for the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks.” Once BM’s supporters got a glimpse of the person Disney was looking for, they immediately began swarming the network with requests for her to be cast. The 16 year old is clearly on board to join the iconic film series, because she spent a bunch of time retweeting fans’ notes, too!

-Unknown characters — While the world is obviously pretty set on having Bailee star as Erin, they’re a little more iffy when it comes to the rest of the characters. Sure, they know which actors they’d like to see in HSM 4, but they’re not 100 percent set on which roles they want them to play. First up on fans’ request list? The newly engaged Ryan McCartan is already a part of the Disney family thanks to his time on Liv and Maddie, but the Internet clearly wants him back on the network.

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And seeing as Ryan’s a clear fan fave for HSM 4, you know his fiancee Dove Cameron isn’t far behind. One person even predicted that the Liv and Maddie star will eventually be cast in the film in the end. Maybe the 20 year old will give Bailee a run for her money to play Erin, or perhaps she’s more suited to play her BFF, Nathalie?

Okay, so Gabriella (aka Vanessa Hudgens) won’t be returning to East High for the fourth installment of High School Musical, but that doesn’t mean Sofia Carson wouldn’t make an amazing addition to the cast! In addition to starring in Disney’s Descendants, the 23-year-old actress was also professionally trained in dance for 17 years, making her the PRIME HSM candidate.

Yes, Jordan Fisher is a Disney star at heart, but he knows his way around a musical just as much as any Broadway superstar. The 21 year old sang and danced in both Teen Beach movies and recently made everyone swoon in Grease: Live!. Plus, he’s got THAT FACE — ya know, the one that helped make Zac Efron the iconic he is — so he’d basc be a perfect Campbell, who is described as “Troy Bolton 2.0.”

Sabrina Carpenter played the rebellious Maya Hart on Disney’s Girl Meets World and she’s doing SUCH a good job that fans can see her taking those character traits to HSM 4. Although they didn’t necessarily mention her as Tamara, “East High’s former queen bee, a cheer squad member attempting to climb back up the social ladder and reclaim all the attention for herself,” we think it’d most likely be the role she’d best be suited for.

And last but not least, fans also want Disney queen Zendaya to join the film franchise that has changed the face of the network.

WHEW! That was a lot of Disney stars! But actors and actresses who’ve already established themselves on the network aren’t the only ones fans want in HSM 4. In a bit of a cheeky move, many people are actually petitioning for Troye Sivan to be cast in the film! Get it? Troy Bolton… Troye Sivan… we see what y’all did there! But besides their name connection, the YouTube star actually has a background that’d make him perfect for the DCOM. Back in 2007, the Aussie was in a production of Oliver, a very popular musical. See? This could actually happen, people!

Who do YOU think would be perfect in High School Musical 4? Tell us who you’d cast in the movie in the comments below!

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