10 Movies on Netflix That Will Get You in the Back-to-School Mood

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It’s back-to-school time! That’s right. In some places, the youngsters are already heading back to class for the fall semester, even though it won’t technically be fall for over a month. Whether you’re a student or not, every TV commercial is now about back-to-school sales, so you might as well embrace it. And what better way to embrace it than by watching some school-themed movies?

Thankfully, our old pal Netflix (for me, it’s more than friendship — I’m thinking about proposing) has some excellent options for high-school-themed movies to stream. Whether you’re preparing to hit the books again or you haven’t opened a book in decades, you probably love at least one of these movies. And all ages are united by the fact that very little about these movies is realistic or relatable, but they’re entertaining anyway. Hooray!

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