9 Cold Hard Truths About High School Friendships

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My high school years weren’t marked by my first romance or getting too drunk at a party and ending up like a “Very Special Episode” of a corny family sitcom. Instead, friendships defined those four years to the point of still resonating with me deeply today. The good moments were, well, brilliant. I’d hang out in my friends’ bedrooms, listening to music and gossiping until we both fell asleep or I’d talk to them on the phone into the wee hours of the morning. I thought that this is what your teen years are supposed to be, that these moments were perfect in an almost cinematic way. But dreamy nights playing on abandoned swing sets didn’t last. Unfortunately, it’s safe to say that even the most seemingly brilliant friendships can end, messily.

By junior year of high school, the cohesive friend group that my friends and I have accumulated since middle school started to fracture. The girl I considered my best friend was going through a rough time, and she retreated to the comfort of other friends in our circle instead of me. Parties became awkward, sitting all together at lunch was rare and the FOMO was strong, especially when you knew that half of the group was hanging out at somebody’s house and didn’t invite you.

By the time we all graduated, our friend group was shattered and half heartedly put back together with scotch tape. Oddly enough, it wasn’t until I graduated from college not that long ago that some of those old friendships began to slowly rebuild, but others never did. Friendship is one of the most important things you’ll get out of your high school experience, but it can also be ugly, gut wrenching and effing heartbreaking. I don’t want to scare anybody reading this, but I think that whether you’re starting to see your friendships splinter or if you think everything is totally fine, you should check out these nine cold hard truths about high school friendships. Let’s end the fantasy and get real.

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