YouTubers Wanted by Cops After Pulling Stupid AF Stunt & Filming Everything

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Thrill-seeking YouTubers don’t always think before they act, and that’s exactly what happened leading up to another group’s legal troubles. Charles Ryker Gamble, Alexey Andriyovych Lyakh and Justis Cooper Price-Brown, who make travel videos on YT channel High on Life SundayFundayz, are being sought after by police after they trespassed on a Yellowstone National Park hot spring… and filmed the WHOLE thing.

The men were caught thanks to another park-goer who witnessed them leaving the designated viewing trail and walking along the Grand Prismatic Spring, which is not accessible to the public, and taking photos and videos to show to a Park Ranger. Authorities were initially able to identify the YouTubers by their license plate, and then realized they had been posting photos and videos from the off-limits area.

“Such off trail travel also creates a hazardous condition for the traveler by breaking through the delicate thermal features and possibility of thermal injuries and subjecting rescuers to the same or similar injuries,” the ranger wrote. “There are several signs at the trailhead and along the boardwalk at Grand Prismatic Springs.”

After they realized just how serious their actions were, the friends deleted all photos and videos taken from the day and issued a formal apology on their social media pages.

“We would like to apologize to our community. Three days ago we were lucky enough to visit Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and made the unfortunate error of leaving the pathway. We did not respect the protected environment we were exploring, and we want to acknowledge our wrongdoing. Because we have disappointed people with our actions, we have taken down the footage filmed off of the boardwalk at Yellowstone. We have realized that what we did was not okay, and we want others to learn from our mistake. We got over zealous in our enthusiasm for this wonderful place. When standing at the face of such natural wonder, we were drawn to it. In an attempt to get the perfect shot, we acted in a way that doesn’t reflect our respect for the environment we were trying to capture. It was the wrong decision to make. We realize that now. For this we would like to sincerely apologize to the Yellowstone park community and the public. We have spent a year saving for and planning this project, the last thing we intended to do was to disrespect this beautiful place. Quite the opposite. We have spent 75 days traveling the country and capturing its diverse beauty for the purpose of showcasing it to the world. We want to inspire others to go out and explore this vast land, to treat nature and our world with love and respect and to remind everyone watching to never take the wonders in their backyard for granted. This is what we stand for, this is who we are, with the purest of intentions we managed to screw up.”

But despite their apology and donation of $5000 to the park, a Wyoming radio station reports that a warrant has been issued for their arrests.

Yikes. Didn’t they learn from Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler’s dumb stunt? Do NOT deface national landmarks, people!


Yes, the High on Life boys are facing criminal charges for their stupidity, but at least they didn’t get in legal trouble for doing the same gross thing as these other YouTubers: