Another One of Your Favorite YouTube Couples is Expecting a Baby!

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The Shaytardschannel ending isn’t the only news rocking the Butler family right now. But while Shay Carl‘s decision to leave YouTube is obviously pretty sad, his brother and sister-in-law’s reveal is much more exciting — they’re having another baby!

Kayli (HeyKayli) and Casey Butler (caseylavere) already have three children that have basically grown up in front of their viewers’ eyes, and they’re preparing to welcome another little one to the clan. The 33-year-old made the annoucement while filming a video with her sister-in-laws Colette Butler and Carlie Butler Wood, who ALSO just revealed she is pregnant. Instead of just telling the ladies she’s expecting, Kayli decided to get her fellow blonde a onesie that says ‘Best,’ which matches her baby’s that says ‘Friends.’ SO CUTE!!

“I found out the day [Carlie] told us [she’s pregnant], on my anniversary,” the YouTuber said.

Weirdly enough, Kayli didn’t think she was pregnant, but her husband was convinced — “He looked at me and he was like, ‘You’re pregnant.'”

To make matters even MORE strange, the 29-year-old is due on her nephew Gage’s birthday, and Kayli is due on her son Winston’s birthday!

The pair doesn’t know the gender of their baby, but both Kayli and Casey have a feeling it’s going to be a little boy.

We’re SO excited to watch the YouTubers’ family continue to grow and can’t wait to meet the newest Butler baby. Leave your congrats for K & C in the comments below!

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