9 Insanely Inappropriate Hey Arnold! Memes That’ll Ruin Your Childhood

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You probably look back at Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold! with nothing but fond childhood memories, but all that’s about to change. Seeing as the actual writers of of the cartton somehow managed to incorporate INSANELY dirty jokes into what was meant to be a kids’ show, it’s not all that surprising that the Internet has jumped on the trend and taken it to a whole new level.

We love Nick just as much as the next person, but NGL — the network is chocked full of sexual references that make us cringe! How did our parents let us watch these shows?! But even these memes make Hey Arnold! even MORE inapprop than it actually was, and we’re probably going to have to pour bleach in our eyes after looking at them, we can’t help but LOL — there’s just something about ’em, ya know?


2. Did they really have to go there?

3. Or there?!

4. Not our pure, innocent brains!




6. Well, at least he’s honest…

7. If you’re wondering what makes this inapprop, peep the sign in the background. WTF?!

8. We have literally NO words.

9. GOODBYE, WORLD! We have officially been corrupted.

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