9 Thoughts You Have When Helping Your BFF Through a Breakup

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The only terrible breakup that can rival going through one yourself is witnessing your very best friend go through one. If you’ve gone through one before, you can sympathize with how crappy she feels. And, if you’re lucky enough NOT to have experienced it for yourself (yet), then you can only imagine.

Either way, you obvi do all that you can to help her through it all. And, in the process, you definitely have these thoughts:

1. “I hate him more than she does.” No one breaks your BFF’s heart and gets away with it.

2. “Which flavor of ice cream cures heartbreak the best?” Probably chocolate. Definitely chocolate.

3. “:(“ Sometimes you feel almost as sad about the breakup as the person being broken up with because you loved the relationship so much.

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4. “Ohh, I’m about to cry just seeing her cry.” It’s the worst!

5. “I can’t decide if being here or giving her space is more helpful. Which one makes me a better friend?!”

6. “She’s way too good for him, anyway.” At which point, you say the same thing out loud.

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7. “I should hook her up with one of my single friends.” Not right away but, ya know, at some point.

8. “Retail therapy!” Which heals every wound, we’re convinced.

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9. “Better make sure not to accidentally say anything that hurts her feelings.” It can be tough to figure out what not to say to a girl with a broken heart, but you know your best friend well enough to figure it out soon enough.

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