How a Popular YouTube Star Overcame Her Very First Panic Attack

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In the past couple of years, more and more celebrities have started opening up about their experiences with anxiety. There is actually a pretty big group within the YouTube community that suffers from various types of anxiety and panic disorders, and they often talk to their viewers about the struggles they face regularly. While YT star Lana says she has a “mild form of social anxiety,” she doesn’t regularly battle anxiety and definitely never had a panic attack — until recently when the latter happened. Luckily, she knew what was going on because she had seen her sister suffer from panic attacks in the past.

“I’ve been a bit sick…and one morning I started feeling like my throat was closing up…and I realized that I was home alone and that if something were to have happened to me, no one would be around to help me; that made me panic even more,” she told us about the factors that led to her first-ever panic attack. “I was crying and sweating, yet shivering at the same time. My heart was beating at a thousand miles per hour and I basically just felt like I was losing control over my mind and body. I called my sister and she helped calm me down. My boyfriend also came rushing home to make me feel better. It’s times like these that make you truly appreciate the people in your life that don’t ever judge you.”

While the YouTuber never experienced something that that before, she said “being able to recognize” it for what it was helped her greatly.

“I just kept repeating to myself that it was all in my head — that I wasn’t in any real danger. And after a while my body started to feel normal again.”

Just a little while after the attack, Lana tweeted about her experience in hopes of letting her 1.5 million followers know that they are not alone and remind anyone struggling that it’s important “to seek help and find a good support team — whether that be family, friends, or even online friends.”

Sure, the YT girl once “felt like [she] always had to be this perfect image for other people,” but has since realized that sharing the negatives along with the positives is super important for her channel.

“I’ve come to this realization that being perfect is impossible; it’s so unattainable. It’s so much better and I feel like I enjoy YouTube so much more now that I’m myself and I’m showing the flaws that I have, and the quirks of mine…”

Being your true self may make you vulnerable to haters, but Lana doesn’t have time for them.

“I’ve kind of learned to just not let it affect me. One thing that someone told me that has kind of stuck with me is that what other people say about you says way more about them than it does about you. They’re usually just projecting their own insecurities, so I kind of just let it slide. Let me quote Doctor Seuss — ‘the people that mind don’t matter and the people that matter don’t mind.'”


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