Glee’s Heather Morris Likes Apples, Bananas and Peanut Butter All At the Same Time

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Heather MorrisGlee character Brittany might not be the uh, sharpest tool in the shed, but when it comes to eating? Heather is super smart about that. The gleek is Women’s Health‘s new June 2011 cover girl (seriously, just LOOK at those abs!) and she dished to the mag all about similarities she shares with her on screen gleek self, her fitness routine, and which gleeks she’s closest to IRL.

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On similarities she shares with Brittany: “I want to make everybody laugh. I’m exactly like Brittany–I love to dance, I like to have fun. I’d rather have innocence than be serious all the time.”

On her fave healthy snack: My favorite healthy snack would be…peanut butter and banana. But I also like apple and banana. I don’t know, I like apples and bananas and peanut butter all at the same time.”

On her relationship with fellow Gleeks: “The more storylines I have with certain characters the closer I get with them. I got a lot closer with Kevin McHale recently because we have a lot of scenes together; and Jenna Ushkowitz, also.”

The June issue of Women’s Health will hit newsstands on May 24! Will you be picking up a copy? What do you think of Heather’s bod?! What are your workout tips?! Sound off in the comments!