Heather Morris Spoofs Kristen Stewart in Twilight Parody (VIDEO)

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Kristen Stewart better watch her back ’cause it looks like one of the Gleeks is after something of hers: her signature lip bite! In this hilarious — albeit, kinda long — spoof, Glee‘s Heather Morris sports a jet-black wig with the worst bangs ever, the perfect KStew pout and recites nearly word-for-word Kristen’s infamous lines in Twilight. Her impression is pretty spot on… we just wish the guy parodying Edward Cullen could’ve been more attractive. (Hello, he’s impersonating Robert Pattinson after all!)

Catch Heather’s dead-on acting skills around the 5-minute mark below!

(P.S. Is anyone else reminded of the time Heather walked out of the Eclipse premiere?? Just thought we’d bring that up.)

What’d you think of Heather’s portrayal of Bella Swan? Think she has something against the saga, or is it all in good fun? And what’s the best Twilight spoof you’ve ever seen?

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