How Singer-Songwriter Heather Brave is Adding Her Voice to the Music Industry

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There’s nothing better than a musician who writes her own music. When Halsey and Taylor Swift sing about their failed (and flourishing) relationships, they perform with a passion that can only come from living it. And that’s exactly why we’re loving Heather Brave.

The 21-year-old is new to the pop scene, but she writes from experience. Her debut single, “Like a Wave,” came out in September, and we would love it and be waiting impatiently for the rest of her EP even if we didn’t know that she wrote it about a boy she met at a guitar store. But the fact that the lyrics came from her own experience is just an added bonus and totally comes across in her music video. Check it out:

Putting your own stories out there is pretty ~brave~ — pun 100% intended — but this is nothing new for Heather. She was fearless even back when she stepped on stage for the first time at just 4 years old. She performed “Doe a Deer” in a red gingham dress and matching headband, even though her parents thought she’d be too scared.

But she wasn’t then and she isn’t now. “There’s something about watching everyone else sing before you go on,” Heather said in an exclusive interview with Clevver.com. “I just want it to be my turn. I’m not really nervous, I’m just super anxious and want to be up there.”

And in addition to tackling the stage, Heather has reached even bigger audiences over the radio. In fact, finding out that “Like a Wave” was playing on The Pulse was the highlight of her career so far. Considering she used to listen to that station with her dad on the way to auditions, it was really a full-circle moment for the 21-year-old singer.

“I was out to dinner when I got a screenshot somebody sent me,” she said. “I was very overwhelmed and crying. It felt momentous.” Now that her catchy second single is out, we know she’s got more moments like these coming her way!

Just like her debut song, “Feel You Watching” was penned by Heather herself. The girl’s got a passion for the written word — and talent, too!

“There are writers that are good at imagining stories and coming up with a world like J.K. Rowling, and then there are other writers that already have the story and choose to present it in a really ornate way,” she said. “That’s how I feel, and I think it works so well with my songwriting.”

Her other trick to coming up with great songs? Writing them in different locations. Most of the tunes on her EP were written while she was in Nashville, but since she spends a lot of time in New York and Los Angeles, those different places have an effect on her work. Part of that has to do with the mood of the location, but also with where she’s at in her life.

“When I was in L.A., I was also writing at Capitol Records for other artists. […] I felt a little removed from the process during my experiences there, not in a bad way necessarily, but was thinking through a different lens,” she said. “In Nashville, I’m writing more natural because that’s really where I wrote most of my stuff for this EP. I feel like I’ve been brought back and infused myself back into my music.”

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While Heather hasn’t released the official date of that EP yet (#sadlife), we know it’s coming and that’s enough for us to get excited. Until then, we’ll just be listening to her singles and keeping an eye on her official Instagram page. (Not to mention taking her up on her Hibiscus Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm beauty rec… The girl clearly knows what she’s doing… in more ways than one!)