Congrats! 1 of the Most Popular YouTube Couples Got Married Over the Weekend

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The Super Bowl wasn’t the only exciting thing that happened this past weekend for one set of YouTubers. Heart Defensor, who is known for her beauty channel called ThatsHeart, and longtime love Arnold Telagaarta got engaged more than two years ago, and fans were beginning to wonder if they’d ever make their way down the aisle. The answer? YES!

The YouTube stars tied the knot on Saturday in Malibu, California, but didn’t tell fans that the wedding happened until a day later. The 27-year-old beauty guru posted a picture of the two showing off their wedding rings with the caption, “mr and mrs,” on Instagram.

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“After the ceremony, we went right back to our suite, looked at each other, laughed, cried, and laughed some more. Then asked for food bc we were hungry as ef,” Heart wrote on another adorbz photo she uploaded.

Arnold took to his own Instagram page to show a sweet kissing pic and describe how he reacted when he saw his love in her dress for the first time.

“I didn’t know how I was going to react the first time I would see her in her wedding dress,” he wrote. “I thought I would either be happy and full of excitement, or I would lose it and cry like a baby. Turned out it was both!” SO CUTE!!

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While the newly married couple started dating in 2006, they didn’t start documenting their relationship online until 2010. Either way, that’s a LONG time! Congrats to the happy duo — we can’t wait to watch them enjoy wedded bliss!

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