7 Natural Remedies to Help You Keep Your Teeth Healthy AF

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Few compliments brighten a day like, “You have the most beautiful smile!” Like, it’s great to be told you’re wearing a nice outfit, but there’s nothing quite like being praised for your pearly whites!

On the contrary, the WORST feeling ever is practicing your “meet the parents” smile in the mirror right before going over your bae’s house and realizing that you have plaque buildup. Or yellow teeth. Or swollen gums. Or something else that might distract from the radiance you emit when you let out your signature giggle.

So, how do you prevent this from happening to you? Well, you could scroll through countless confusing articles on the Internet, call your dentist and wait on hold for like an hour, or cry a lot. But those are unproductive solutions (trust us — we’ve tried them all). So instead, we did the work for you!

The following are a bunch of hacks that will keep your teeth healthy, fresh and super strong. Because we love you, and we want your S.O.’s parents to love you, too. You’re welcome in advance.

Before we begin, here’s a diagram of a tooth, so that when we refer to the various parts, you’re not confused AF.


Got it? Let’s move on to the tips!

1. Oil pulling reduces harmful bacteria and fungi that can damage your teeth. Swish a teaspoon of coconut oil around in your mouth for 5 to 20 minutes (but don’t swallow it!) in the morning to remove all toxins from your body, including ones that could cause cavities.

2. Adding gelatin to your diet can help prevent gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss.

3. Cumin seeds are also a great addition to your diet, because they’re a great source of calcium!

4. A normal human diet can cause blood pH levels to become acidic, which can lead to osteoporosis (bone damage). Alkaline juices can reverse these effects:

5. Eggshells have a ridiculous amount of calcium — crush them up and mix them with coconut oil and baking soda to strengthen damaged or low-calcium teeth.

6. Massage a mixture of turmeric and black pepper on your gums for 2 minutes (this can be done with your fingertips or with the back of your toothbrush) once or twice a day. This will strengthen your gums, which will, in turn, prevent tooth decay.

7. And here’s how to fix cavities at home. You know… in case you’re past the point of no return.