Must-Watch Vid: The Cast of Lemonade Mouth In the Coolest Flash Mob We’ve Ever Seen

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One of the perks of living in Los Angeles is spotting celebs regularly in daily life. Jealous. And for the lucky customers at the Apple store at The Grove in Los Angeles? They got a celeb spotting in the form of — wait for it — a flash mob — from Hayley Kiyoko and Chris Dupre from Lemonade Mouth. They ran into the store, started blasting the song “Determinate” from the movie and dancing along to it, and then 10+ dancers joined in on the fun. Good thing there were, like 8 million web cams to capture it all..

Watch the vid now!

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So, was that cool or what?! Have you ever experienced a flash mob like that one? We wanna know in the comments!