Secret Twitter Page Proves Hayes Grier is More Racist & Sexist Than His Brother

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Although Nash Grier is one of the most successful Viners around, he has a past that many feel is far too controversial to ever recover from. Before he really saw fame from creating 6-second videos, the 18 year had a Twitter account where he constantly used racial slurs, made homophobic comments, and was just generally a major d-bag. Although he’s since apologized for his stupid actions, not everyone has been quick to forgive. But while people have, for the most part, been able to move past Nash’s disgusting statements from years ago, they’re now realizing that another Grier boy is just as dumb.

Hayes Grier was once solely known for being Nash’s sweet little brother, but has since made a name for himself outside of his family moniker. As it turns out, however, the blue-eyed cutie shares a lot more in common with his older sibling than just their appearance and love for social media. As it turns out, the 15 year old was the owner of a secret Twitter account (@hazeandzan) for quite some time, which fans only recently discovered after they figured out his personal email and found the matching page. Once his supporters made the connection, they were shocked — Hayes’ tweets were perhaps even MORE racist and sexist than Nash’s.

“I think I’ve popped more cherries than I’ve eaten,” he wrote in once since-deleted tweet from the middle of March.

“Man I f*cked like 3 bitches last night,” read another.

The teenager also wrote a series of tweets in which he used the n-word to describe Pierre Balian, a fellow Vine star.

But the insanity didn’t stop there! The former Dancing With the Stars contestant is also a big fan of marijuana, as he frequented posting pictures of “them fatties.” KAY


Hayes definitely isn’t the only Vine star who may SEEM cool in his video, but is actually a major d-bag IRL: